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  • DESTINation…No More Balance

    Hello Lovelies,    It’s been a while since my last blog post. I almost forgot how to format this post. Just kidding…I could never really forget though because at my core, I’m a writer and blogger.   I’ve been pretty quiet on social media since mid-December and that has been quite…

  • Self-Love Challenge

    Self-love can be such a cliche’ but what does it really mean?  What does it look and feel like?  Well, I like to say that it’s an inner peace and contentment that allows you to remain steadfast and optimistic no matter the circumstance.  Behind the labels – Mother, Wife, Executive,…

  • 12 Qualities Needed to Reinvent Yourself Even When You’re Confused About Who You Were to Begin With

    When you are feeling stuck in your life – unsure of your purpose – it is often because one or more of these factors are missing.

  • Stretch Your Comfort Zone Without Draining Your Energy

    Can you relate? Are you an introvert? Are you shy? Do you know that there’s a difference? In a nutshell, an introvert is one who

  • Beware of This Silent Mistress that Destroys Your Marriage from Within

    A Must Read for Everyone with MS, Caregivers, and Loved Ones

  • 5 Proven Ways to Reduce Anxiety

    The body’s biological responses in a crisis are either Fight or Flight. Anxiety or fear is the outward manifestation of flight.  But, you don’t NEED to feel anxious or afraid in order to take action.

  • Fear Is a Choice

    Can you recall a time when you were startled? Maybe a sudden sound, someone unexpectedly walked up behind you and for a split second you were afraid. But, then once you were aware of your surroundings or the source of the sound, you calmed yourself, didn’t you? Well, you actually…

  • Are You the Cause or the Effect of Your Life?

    Are you the cause or effect of your life? Let me show you how to elevate your life and transform tragedy into triumph.

  • 5 Steps to Gaining Clarity When You’re Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed

    Without self awareness, you may continue to lash out, only making the situation worse.

  • Is Turmeric In Your Diet?

    #MultipleSclerosis #MSBlogger #Turmeric #WellnessWednesday