Mirage of a Good Thing

After a breakup, you can sometimes find yourself questioning whether it was ever real, especially when the demise seemed to have come out of nowhere. You look back over your relationship with a fine-toothed comb, looking for the moment in time when it all changed. Like a plot in a good mystery, you try to identify who did it, searching for the hidden clues along the way. You think that if you keep replaying the film as you remember it, you’ll finally get that “aha” moment. Sadly, that day may never come. Unlike a scripted movie, what went wrong between you and your former co-star may forever remain a mystery.

In the beginning, something drew you to each other, whether it was physical, intellectual or spiritual. You were attracted, even intrigued with the idea of seeing where things would go. Time went by, months, even years, and maybe because you were so focused on the illusion of what you thought you had, you failed to notice the reality of your relationship. The smile that once burst from within became one plastered on like that of a clown, masking the tears of disappointment. It was only a matter of time that the blinding light retracted and you finally saw the nothingness of a mirage.

Relationships in all forms need to be nurtured. In order to keep it strong, we must be present in the moment, carefully assessing the dynamic along the way. For, if we are blinded by a mere mirage of a good thing, we may end up losing what could’ve actually been a good thing.

LaQuita “Sunshine” Davis


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