Tag: Self Awareness

  • Our Collaborative Marriage – Why It Works

    But, I recently read an excerpt from a People Magazine interview of the Wade’s on their “collaborative marriage”. My first thought was ‘I still don’t like Gabrielle Union’; my next one was ‘Ha, I like the sound of that’. I was impressed. Some of these reality TV shows portray celebrity…

  • My Fight with Excessive Guilt and How I Beat It

    I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was an eye-opener. We had plenty of time for self-reflection and I admit that as a recovering overthinker, I sometimes overdosed on analyzing myself. But, I don’t regret it. It helped me evolve as a woman, a Christian, and as a Life…

  • The Lesson in 2020 is Clarity

    I think I can speak for the majority by saying as 2020 approached we anticipated the insight, clarity, vision, planning and purpose that the new year would bring.  Even my own marketing strategy included a play on 2020 being a leap year.   And Oprah embarked on a “2020 Vision Tour”.…

  • 12 Qualities Needed to Reinvent Yourself Even When You’re Confused About Who You Were to Begin With

    When you are feeling stuck in your life – unsure of your purpose – it is often because one or more of these factors are missing.

  • 5 Steps to Gaining Clarity When You’re Feeling Emotionally Overwhelmed

    Without self awareness, you may continue to lash out, only making the situation worse.

  • Blogging Mistakes-What I’ve Learned About Consistency and Branding

    If you’re trying to be popular, you’re doing it wrong. #TransformationTuesday

  • Hey Dumb Girl

    Even if you’re no longer HER, sometimes you wear the mask of a smile to cover up all the wounds she inflicted on you.

  • Degrees of Separation

    365 days and 180 degrees Though changing and ever growing I feel my pain still staring at me Refusing to disappear, just dissipating slowly Long days and late nights Encircling thoughts of anxiety I hold them at bay With an awareness of that path Once afraid and confused Tormented by…