Tag: Divorce

  • Identity Crisis After Divorce: Six Ways to Harness Your Emotions

    Divorce can feel like a threat to your identity – a betrayal of how you view yourself and what once brought meaning and safety to your life. It can feel like a tug of war to break free; to stop the dance even when you know you should. Still an…

  • 10 Ways to Be Brave Through Transition

    Uncertain change. That’s what most of us fear. Whether it’s the end of a relationship, moving to a new location or work environment – when we don’t have control over what’s changing it’s scary. A flood of questions takes over our minds and we wonder how and if we will…

  • Conversations With My Sister: Divorce and Grief

    Detox and Grief: In order to fill the void, we must increase what brings us joy.

  • 7 Reasons Why You Can’t Let Go of Your Ex

    Divorce is hard. You’ve spent a substantial amount of time as one half of a married couple. Two lives had been intertwined and now you must figure out how to fill the gaps your former spouse previously occupied. In essence, you have to pick up the pieces and put yourself,…

  • Mourning Until Morning

    The thing about sadness is that it doesn’t care about the climate. Heartache and pain resides in the state of your mind and encompasses your heart until it’s ready to let go.