CDC® Certified Divorce Coach

Divorce, Transition, and Recovery Coach

Divorce has been likened to the death of a marriage.  

You’ve spent years becoming one, so it’s no wonder that when you lose a spouse through divorce, you feel ripped apart.  It’s been said that the hardest part isn’t losing your spouse. It’s trying to rebuild the part of you that is left. 

Do you feel stuck in confusion? Are you unsure of how to process the loss while trying to develop a new life and redefine your new identity? 

Before the stress of the divorce process wreaks complete havoc on your life and even your career, let’s take back your power to stand tall and forge the unknown with resilience and purpose.

Why Choose Us?

When you’re in a stressful situation like divorce even the sanest and most faithful person doesn’t make good decisions. Having the listening ear of a neutral and skilled thinking partner who has survived and is now thriving in life after divorce can be just what you need to gain clarity, courage, and confidence.

What drives my passion for helping people through a divorce is that after my divorce, I felt hopeless, lost, and confused – without clarity of who I was or what to do next.  The people who encouraged me the most were those who didn’t tell me what to do but expressed confidence in me even when I didn’t have it for myself.  They gave me a more positive perspective without adding to my shame and guilt.  And they gave me practical ways to start healing and thriving.  I view it as a privilege and a responsibility to pay it forward which is why I answered the call to step into my purpose. 

As a CDC® Divorce Coach it is my hope and mission to support you through the divorce process, transition, and recovery.

When we work together you will be welcomed to a safe space – of empathy, insight, and support – to take a look at the entire landscape of your situation and create a clear path to your future, whatever you decide.

Together, we’ll personalize your coaching experience to meet your needs – from separation to post-divorce recovery.

This is a SAFE SPACE to:
  • Identify negative emotions and inner conflict. 
  • Align your core values, identity, and faith as you navigate change.
  • Learn to set and maintain healthy boundaries for better transition and recovery. 
  • Practice self-care and mindfulness to be at your best even when under stress. 
  • Find your voice. Improve Self Confidence. Be at peace with yourself when starting over.

When Should I Contact a CDC® Divorce Coach?

Change is easy. Transition requires a whole soul commitment. Don’t assume things will stay amicable. You might feel like you can handle it on your own – too ashamed to ask for help.  But there are times you may be too mentally and emotionally exhausted to even fight for what is yours.

You’re likely to feel like you’re on an emotional roller coaster – feeling confident today and embarrassed the next. Courageous one day but terrified the next. Calm and collected one day and having emotional outbursts the next day

You don’t know what you don’t know and divorce is too life-altering not to understand the ins and outs and prepare with facts for your future.

Even if you’re just thinking about separating or filing for divorce

Why a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach?

A CDC® Divorce Coach recognizes that creating a new identity in the divorce process is part of letting go of the past and focusing on the next chapter. They understand that if their client doesn’t take charge of creating their new identity, they’ll be stuck where they are. And even worse, possibly destined to repeat the same choices they’ve made in the past – getting the same results.

In creating the next chapter, the client has an opportunity to let go of the hurts from the past, to remember the dreams that may have been stored away in favor of a new romantic relationship, and later because the demands and joys of marriage/parenthood occupied that space.

The advantage to having a thinking partner, a CDC® Divorce Coach, who is trained and skilled at asking the questions which tease out the answers that are hard to focus on during the often-tumultuous divorce process, is that there is some continuity for the client in the planning process from the very beginning and well into the next chapter. And now equipped with their answers to these questions, the client is much better equipped to help the attorney or mediator understand what their needs are so that they can bring those priorities into the negotiations.

-excerpt from Certified Divorce Coach

How a CDC® Divorce Coach Can Help You:

  • Assess your readiness for change.
  • Gather documents for meeting with other divorce professionals.
  • Increase confidence and help you think through difficult decisions.
  • Offer dispute resolution techniques in high-conflict situations.
  • Recommend vetted divorce professionals to meet your needs.
  • Redefine and recreate your post-divorce identity.
  • Locate resources for starting over.
Regulated and endorsed

The resources and support of a CDC Certified Divorce Coach® come from the endorsement of the American Bar Association to help you harness strength you may not even realize you have to stay engaged, stay calm, and stay true to yourself. A CDC® Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach helps you heal the past and face the future.

We are the only legal certification for Divorce Coaching in the US, UK, and Canada.

Does a CDC® Divorce Coach offer legal assistance? 

No. Neither a CDC® Divorce Coach nor a Transition and Recovery Coach offer legal or financial assistance. However, our specialized training includes the ability to network with divorce professionals – attorneys Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA), mental health professionals, etc.

In some cases, a CDC® Divorce Coach may work in collaboration with other divorce professionals.

We respect the expertise of all divorce professionals and work in harmony to provide you with the best service. This means that we can get you in contact with a suitable divorce professional to meet your needs.

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Clarity. Confidence. Purpose. Your Metamorphosis Awaits.